July 2015

About the cover:
JulietTM is a 2003 release of the Cooperative
Apple Breeding Program (PRI) of Purdue
University, Rutgers University, and the
University of Illinois (Korban et al., 2003).
In 1993, the selection caught the attention of
Jean-Louis Escande, a nurseryman in Saint-
Vite, France, who saw it under test at Rutgers
University and subsequently evaluated the selection in France. The nursery is now owned by his grandson Benoit Escande who found the selection well suited to southern France, and promoted it for organic production. The selection was patented in France as ‘Co-op 43’ (cov EU No13 110), granted June 15, 2004. The trade name Juliet (TM) was proposed by Jules Janick who managed the license agreement between the university partners and the French nursery (Pépinières Escande).